Kosher Food ? Why?

Before our conversion to Judaism, we couldn’t understand Kashrut. The rules of eating followed by Orthodox Jews. Sure, the Tanak says “Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk”. But how does that translate into dairy and meat will not be consumed at the same time.

Well, until you study the Oral Law with intensity you will never understand why this verse is cited by the sages when talking about Basar b cholav (by the way this principal is repeated elsewhere for those that believe in a 2nd witness).

Well, this morning, I had an epiphany.

You see, yesterday afternoon we had a sudden thunderstorm. It was gorgeous! But, the cat dish was left on the picnic table. You see, we have a feral cat that we feed outside. This morning I discovered the soggy cat food in the dish and disposed of it. Actually, fed it to the dog, she’ll eat anything. Of course, not all the food came out of the bowl so I had to rinse it in the sink. So, now I have a wet bowl (clean) and considered putting it with the other dishes on the drain tray. IMMEDIATELY, I was repulsed. Put a cat’s dish with our dishes??? YUCK!

Today, that’s the same attitude I have toward eating meat with milk. Or anything trafe (unkosher).

If you don’t understand why, it’s OK. You’re not supposed to. Only those of the Covenant are.

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