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Report from Spiderluf

It’s in the Heavenlies, so the description is not really possible. One of the Melach’s is approaching Gabriel with a report.

“Here’s the report you asked for yesterday, Your Eminence”

“Did you read it?”, He asked (knowing that he had).

“Yessir, looks like all is good on Monroe residence.”

Report from Spiderluf: Monroe Date Monday April 9, 2018

Subject appears listless. Vitals are nominal. Color is pale. Frequent trips to bathroom.

Last Monday, I was lying in my bed feeling horrible. Some virus had entered our domain (Brenda had it yesterday) was causing terror. In the afternoon, my body was exhausted after several trips to the john that were necessary to expel through the southern end whatever it was that wasn’t supposed to be there.

I looked up the wall and saw a black spot on the ceiling molding. I thought, “hmmm, how’d that get there?”

Then it moved.

Ahhh, a spider. What’s it doing? There’s no food there. Nothing to hang a web on. It moved about a foot to 18 inches and then reversed course and went back to wherever it came from. 

“Looks like they got that bug we sent. I was wondering why we didn’t hear the morning or afternoon Schma (prayer). OK, thanks, that’ll be all” 





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I Am Addicted

I thought that would get your attention. But it is true.

I am addicted. I can’t get through most days without thinking about it.

Situations arise, and my mind goes where it shouldn’t go. How I can get what I shouldn’t get. How can I watch what I shouldn’t watch?

I’ve known a very long time I was addicted. I just dealt with it the best I could.

Which as it turns out wasn’t very good, but what do they say about spilt milk? No tears, regrets, but no tears.

I think psychologists would say that I have an “addictive” personality.

One of the major reasons I got into ‘Religion’ was that it showed me how I could overcome this addiction.

Oh, I guess you’re wondering what my nemesis is. Doesn’t matter, if it makes me feel good or escape from reality (or even a present problem), I am addicted to it. Jewish sages call it the ‘Yatser Hara’ … the evil inclination.

I overcame various addictions in various ways. I was forced, cajoled, brainwashed, etc. but one of the better ways was to convince myself of the harm done.

I’m going to fire off an e-mail to Amazon about their lousy programming. I’ve already cancelled Netflix. I like Amazon Prime because of the free shipping but the free ‘soft’ porn is not helping. Amazing what is considered ‘soft’ today was XXX in the ’60s.

Anyway, I need to get to studying and my day, thought I would get this off my chest.

Have a blessed day and if you too are addicted, hang in there. Fight it with all you’ve got and you will overcome.

That’s how I do it anyway.

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I Beat the Big C …

…. Before the Drs. Killed me

I sit here with heavy heart because one of my loves is going through a battle for her life. And there is nothing I can do.

She was diagnosed about the same time I was the first time I think. Mine was Colon Cancer. Hers was in the brain. They cut out the top half of my colon and then told me I needed to take Chemo to make sure they got it all. I asked so what are the odds if I don’t take it. 50/50. And what are the odds if I do take it. 80/20.

My Dad died of cancer. I watched that strong man shrivel to nothing in a relatively short time span. I’ll take the 50/50.

Now, understand, I did not just go my merry way and ‘believe G-d’ for healing. Although, I did pray … intensely. Then I did what He told me to do. I did what Giberet Chaggit (my soulmate) told me to do.

My wife is an amazing woman. She is so grounded, so focused on HaShem that nothing can keep her from His Truth.

She researched cancer intensely on the internet. Do you know what cancer is? It is ………… (drum roll) …….

The body attacking itself.

Now why on God’s green Earth would the body attack itself? Good question!

I don’t know.

Anyway, she had me take Barley powder. I cut it with grape juice. I still take it. At least 5 times a week. Ok, here’s my early morning regime.

  1. I get up and get a cup of water
  2. I take my thyroid pill.
  3. I take a half spoon full of coconut grease. (oh, get over it. Sure, its yucky but you got a cup of water! Wash it down!)
  4. I pour a splash of grape juice in my barley cup. Add splash of water. Put in scoop of barley. Stir. Drink.

I’ve been doing this basically since I got cancer.

7 years ago,.

The Sages say that when your time is come, it has come. You might prolong it a few years by prayer and perhaps, fasting, but we are all destined to live on this Earth a certain period of time. That’s the paradox of Fate. HaShem is beyond Time. He knows what we will do before we do it, yet what we do determines our Fate. A great brain surgeon (and Rabbi) said that before every surgery, he would pray that HaShem fulfill His divine will on the patient and then go and do the surgery as if the patient’s life depended on him, not G-d.

Did they barley prevent the cancer from coming back? I couldn’t tell you. But I’m going to keep taking it!

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Prayer Before Medication

…cheerfully help and support rich and poor, good and bad..

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Why Dr. Carson Lost My Vote

Here is recent correspondence between Dr. Ben Carson’s staff and myself in e-mails.

More than anyone else, you are the lifeblood of my campaign for President….

I am not the lifeblood of a campaign that supports mandatory vaccinations!

Dr. Carson believes it is of paramount importance to protect ourselves from massive epidemics. He’s seen vaccines have a far more positive impact than a negative one. Therefore he supports vaccines, however also supports exemptions for medical conditions & religious beliefs.

paramount importance to protect ourselves from massive epidemics.” Why do I need to have an “exemption” if I don’t want a vaccination? I have to show some medical condition (other than being allergic to poison injected in my body) or profess some religious belief? Would “I don’t believe in suicide or murder by big pharma qualify”?

This is why I don’t believe Dr. Carson is qualified. He wants to take away freedom and make us justify us getting them back.
He’s got the constitution bass-ackwards

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As I was fixing my morning medicine., words of my beloved came to me. Last week, she told me she didn’t want to have to care for me if I got crippled up. This hit me like a ton of bricks! The last thing I want in this world is to be a burden to anyone, especially Brenda, the love of my life. So, I have re-dedicated myself to preserve my health. I am going to get back on my diet. The past 2 years it has been closer to 80% cheating than 20%. We were told by a very good chiropractor, long ago, that 80/20 (80% good food, 20% bad) would be a good target. Well, that gradually slipped to reversal. When I say good and bad food, I am not talking kosher or not, I avoid all forbidded by HaShem, if at all possible. I have Severe Rheumatiod Arthritis. I was first diagnosed with it back in the early 80s.
The causes of this disease are many. Life situations cause stress and stress is a major factor. Diet is a major factor. We were told that I should avoid all nightshades. Do you know what nightshades are? Staples such as tomatoes, potatoes (but not sweet potatoes) and a wide variety of peppers, hot and sweet. I found an excellent resource about them:
Before I retired, my mindset was I was going to have complete freedom in my sunset years. Have as much fun as I wanted to have, eat what I wanted, drink as much as I could stand, as my Dad used to say,”Do what I damn well please!” This attitude has been one of my biggest enemies to good health. Every time Brenda would say,”That’s not good for you.” My knee-jerk reaction was, you guessed it, “Hey I’m retired, quit raining on my parade!”
Well, I’m tired of waking up like an old ’54 Ford (my first car). Creaking and straining to move, hurting every inch of the way. Fingers screaming in agony every time I want to open a carton of milk,(by the way, we drink almond milk).

Deu 34:7 And Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.

That’s the way I want to go out. I saw my Dad die. Eaten up with cancer, that strong Marine Raider, that grew up on a farm, went to war, came back and loved and supported Mom, loved and reared 3 kids, built a thriving business, had a great life reduced to less than 100 pounds and not even 70 years old. Not this guy! I am going to go out like Moses. I am going to make love to my wife every Shabbat!  I’m going to build things, repair things, do things! Doubt me if you will, haters gonna hate, doubters gonna doubt. But I’m going to live for HaShem, as best I can or die trying.

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