Conversation With An Atheist

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He actually at one time said he wasn’t an Atheist or non-believer but in a subsequent conversation he revealed atheistic attributes, including there is no afterlife for our souls. He said we all just kind of melt into one big mixture. I said, “Disappear like a drop of water in a pool of water?” He said, “Exactly!”

It was really rather depressing to think about his reasoning.

So I asked him why? What is our purpose? Why are we here? He said to help fellow humans. Well, to tell you the truth, that don’t cut it with me. I mean, I’m goal oriented. I strive to know the end game. To be here to help other people here so we can all disappear in a soup someday is not much of an end game.

He said for “millions and millions” of years men have tried to appease the gods by sacrificing (virgins, time, crops, you-name-it). All Judaism (and Christianity) have done is funneled the many gods to one god. He didn’t have anything against believers, if they needed that crutch.

Well, thank you very much but no thanks.

I reject your simplistic argument that we are just some kind of cosmic accident without a Creator.

I asked him about reward and punishment. He said emphatically there is not reward and punishment. Things just happen no matter what we choose to do.

It’s hard for me to sink to that level of deduction. I mean, choice is really what separates us from other living, breathing beings, isn’t it? Creatures other than us have instinct to do. They have no choice, no free will. Their souls are basic unlike ours. We have a spark from the Creator in us that they do not.

So, Mr. Atheist, I reject your “imagine there is no Heaven or Hell” theory, emphatically! I toss aside this dangerous “that is all there is” philosophy. You don’t want to take responsibility for your choices or actions is the bottom line. You think that not believing in a Higher Being makes you superior to believers, when in actuality your refusal to submit makes you nothing but arrogant and clueless to the reality of this cosmos.

We do have a purpose. We do have a G-d. A Creator that loves us, punishes us, rewards us and is there for us 24/7/365. He watches us like a hawk!

Can I prove that last statement? Only by example of everything that has happened in my life (the only life I truly know).

I’ll finish by stating the argument that really fits. If you’re right, then what have I lost. If I’m right, what have you lost? Because, you see, my friend, we get what we declare. And if you swear that you have no G-d, then He is a gentleman, and you will have no G-d. And you will disappear in a soup at the end.

I, on the other hand, will go on to the next big adventure He has planned for His children.

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