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Jacob Esau Edom Egypt

First a few definitions. We are Jacob who became Israel. Esau is our evil twin. Jacob wants to serve his Maker. Esau wants to draw him from that. Edom is Rome which is to say modern western civilization. Egypt is the civilization, the oppressive government against early Israelites, placing them in bondage or slavery. Edom is its counterpart today, to place Israel/Jacob in bondage.

When looking at the Exodus plagues to extract the meaning of today’s situation, one doesn’t have to stretch his imagination greatly to reach parallels of both times.

Each plague can be corresponded to something in the modern world (Edom). For example, the blood plague was a punishment for the infanticide of Israeli babies. What will be the plague for the millions of innocents murdered in abortion mills globally?

Let me clarify, that Edom is Rome but it’s more than Rome. It’s modern western civilization that has abandoned HaShem. The philosophy of the modern Edomite is that fear and belief in an Eternal Creator is ludicrous and sophomoric. They have no use for ancient values that do not serve their fleshly desires. They have little patience for those who hold the values of our ancestors dear and even sacred.

We can focus in on the U.S.A. to illustrate the evolution of such belief. A country that started as a G-d fearing experiment by mostly young idealists that believed that the way to experience His Will was to eliminate the tyranny of forced worship of a man made god. Now, after some 230 years, the experiment has gone awry. Instead of each individual being able to worship His Creator the way they choose, we are forced to either bow to a false god or declare there is no god.

What used to be the majority, that is belief in and reverential fear of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has steadily become the minority.

What used to be the ‘Law of the Land’ is becoming outlawed and soon to be banished.

The same thing happened in Egypt. Jacob’s family was welcomed to Goshen after Joseph miraculously saved the country and brought all known kingdoms under it’s possession. It didn’t take long, about the same length of time – some 200 years – that the Israelites were in bondage to a system akin to today’s Edom.

In desperate need of a Redeemer.

The slow but steady crawl of our freedoms being eroded are so evident.

Pharoah had our ancestors making bricks. Our families have gone from the male provider / female homemaker scenario to both parents working 2 or more jobs just to pay the bills. The children are being raised by the State in public indoctrination centers. Talk about bricks without straw.

It’s interesting that our ancestors in Egypt didn’t go from freedom to slavery overnight. They started in a kind of a partnership with the Egyptian monarchy that turned into full fledged bondage. Kind of like we started out as pioneers in partnership with government building a country and somehow we have wound up serving an elite class of privileged persona in Congress that are not accountable to no one except perhaps whoever pulls their strings behind the curtain, some have called it the “Deep State”.

Is President Trump the Moses of modern times? We shall see. He’s certainly a backlash of the agenda pushed by Edom. Is he delaying the inevitable? Most certainly. We know that the Light of HaShem will grow dim to almost dark before the Redemption through Messiah. We know that the Israelites were at the brink of the 50th level of darkness due to their own sin of assimilation before Moses came. The little known fact that only twenty percent of Israelis left Goshen (80 % lost in the dark) speaks volumes about the power of Yetser Hara (the evil inclination) to draw the human soul from his Maker. One can only guess how many will be lost today. As someone once said,”The phrases “Stairway to Heaven” and”Highway to Hell” shows clearly the traffic flow in each direction. What level are we at today? I would dare say closer to 50 than we are to 40.

The allegory of birthing springs to mind. The closer the birth the faster and closer together the pains come.

(Mat 24:36) “But concerning that day and the hour no one knows, not even the messengers of the heavens, but My Father only.

(Mar 13:32) “But concerning that day and the hour no one knows, not even the messengers in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Each plague has a parallel to modern times. The overall picture is that we can look at the Exodus and the events just prior to it and see that the spirit of Esau and Egypt through Edom are preparing to take over the world, that’s the bad news. The fact that we are smack dab in the throes of Yeshua’s eminent return and we may see the Redemption in our lifetime. That’s the good news.

(Mar 13:30) “Truly, I say to you, this generation shall by no means pass away till all this takes place.

I had a friend take issue with me calling Esau the “evil twin” … listen and watch (watch if you want, but it is a must that you listen to this, if you think that Jacob was the “evil” one. v=_ZTN9YOksW8&t=6s

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