Nazarean Talmudim

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I am a Nazarean Jew. I follow  Orthodox Judaism. That means the wisdom of the sages through the “Oral Torah”. This doesn’t mean I reject the “Written Torah”.  The written supports the oral. One of my Rabbis explained it very clearly in the following pasuk.

Historically it would appear to be evident that the Oral Torah requires a special Priesthood. What Priesthood would that be other than the Priesthood of the Firstborn. However, it is not a Firstborn that will despise the birthright. It is a Priesthood of those who care about their siblings allegorically speaking. Here in a Remes commentary we must realize that we are speaking in terms of a “hint.” The Priesthood of Aaron, a firstborn made use of the Levitical caste, which would administer the “Written Torah.” This Priesthood would rely on the Priesthood of the Firstborn to teach the Oral Law while they taught they attended to their Levitical duties. This did not preclude them from teaching the Oral Torah. The Levitical Priesthood demonstrated a very powerful truth. That truth is that the Oral Torah is in fact the Perfect Law of liberty. That Priesthood demonstrated the power and accuracy of the Hakhamim in elucidating the Oral Torah. In other words, before the Written Torah was presented on Har Sinai, we learned the will of G-d by sitting at the feet of the Sages drinking in their words.

m. Aboth 1:4 Jose b. Joezer of Zeredah and Jose b. Johanan of Jerusalem received (the Law) from them. Jose b. Joezer of Zeredah said: Let thy house be a meeting-house for the Sages and sit amid the dust of their feet and drink in their words with thirst.

(Now, here’s the kicker) Learning should the Oral Torah should be the chief goal in the life of the Nazarean. The Yeshivah is thus brought directly into a talmid’s personal domicile, that home becomes an academy, even the physical surroundings of the Sages (dust of their feet) become precious, the desire for Torah wisdom becomes a consuming thirst. Here is the whole ideology of the Rabbis in nutshell.

Let me put that in another way. The ‘school’ of Torah is brought directly into the students private home. Making said home into an academy where the environment of the Sages (dust of their feet) become very valuable and the want for Torah’s wisdom and knowledge becomes an insatiable longing. This is what Rabbis hope to achieve. The desire of Talmudim to want Torah. Oral and Written.

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