Demonstration in Arad Today

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Word From Yerushalaim
Simantov Allalouf
Arad Mall
In my last report police in Arad had postponed the demonstration against the followers of Yeshua. This following report tells us it has been rescheduled for today  March 9th in front of this single woman’s home and it appears hundreds of ultra orthodox are expected to be bused in from different parts of Israel for this event. Thank you for your prayers of Salvation for them all.
…scheduled for Wednesday, March 9!
Update from a believer in Arad:
Thanks for all of you who have been praying and even fasting for the salvation of the Ultra-Orthodox who were going to demonstrate against the believers in Arad last week!  Here’s the latest news on the demonstration…
The demonstration against us set for last week was postponed until this coming Wednesday, March 9, 2011, at 7pm (12pm EST), in front of Polly’s house, (a believer and also a widow and Foster mother). This postponement was supposedly at the request of the Arad police. While it’s possible that the police were responsible for the postponement, it seems to have also given the religious more opportunity to put announcements in the newspapers and downtown for “All concerned Jews” to come out to the big demonstration, even though they just have permission for 200 people.  We’ll see if the police are really able to enforce it!
They have even hired buses to bus people into the area of the demonstration.  The head rabbis of Beer Sheva and Arad will be among the dignitaries who will be present to talk about the “terrible Missionary Plague that has taken over the city.”  It promises to be a really big event and we are praying that no one will get hurt.
Needless to say this is not our idea of having fun, but we have to remember that the Lord is allowing this “for such a time as this.” These same Orthodox have already had a giant demonstration in the port city of Ashdod just a short time ago… and they have even put up more hate posters with our pictures on them about us in the downtown area telling people to beware of us!
We’d just like to ask you to continue praying for us here in Arad, and especially that the Lord will use this for the salvation of these people who think they are doing God’s will, as well as the innocent by-standers and the rest of Arad.  The main focus of the prayer should be on their salvation, and the Lord getting the glory, rather than the Lord stopping the demonstration all-together. (Actually, according to the weather forecast, it does look like it could be a cold, rainy time!)
Thanks for your prayers, and we look forward to the victory of the Lord in all this!  To God be the Glory!
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