Letter to a Young Artist

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This was taken from http://blogs.jpost.com/content/vayakel-bezalel-artist-and-educator-0

Though knowledge may be taught
Wisdom must be mined

and a thousand-seasons of advice
can be lost in the gloss
of a single self-sought in-sight

The best I can teach you
is to seek Source within.

voice granted
still, small
and thin.

So inquire and see,
where is this mishkan constructed
in me?

Where are you embroidered,
where garbed in argaman?
Where are you hammered,
where are you spun?

What is the silver that you alone smith?
What gold is burrowed
in your fault-lines
and rifts?

Your life,
right now
is risen-sap
and skeleton

The sole material
resilient to time and
small quakes of defeats.

Your internal compass
is the one text
I compel you to read.

Do not be distracted by task and materials.
Technique is irrelevant
when you’re working with miracles.

YOU yourself are the fiberous
flesh of the tent
instructions for construction
engraved on your skin

YOU are the blueprint for building
— unfurl!
The study of self
is the map to the world

So heed the mentor of inner maji
who shutters forth in dreams
– whose instructions are embedded
and spelled out in reams
of data from the
droning mundane of your days
Raised up,
encoded in skin,
limb and name.

It all depends on God
Remember that
And you’ll never lack for applause

….for the thunder herself will provide
And the tongues of trees
Will sound the treble of your best critique

And as for vocation
that path will be gilded
with bow to the Spirit
not boon to the self.

And you will know your own name
by hearing it called
from God’s mouth
and none else.

And when the final test comes
and you spin gold out of straw
credit but the Instructor
who endowed it all.


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