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Lost Spunk

Yesterday was not a very good day for me.  I laid around all day. Just no energy.  I guess it was my body saying “I need a rest”.  I had DVR’d Undercover Boss and was watching it and this guy is saying “I tell my body what we are going to do and it doesn’t tell me what we are going to do.”  Ok, now I don’t have any energy and I do have a guilt trip.

Feeling much better now. I need to. I have LOTS to do. Praise Yahweh.

Just had a thought. You can call me crazy, cultist, insane for seeking the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth. For following Torah and seeking Yeshua. For learning Hebrew and accepting the fact that God is in His Heaven and has ALL things under control. And that He loves me and I am His child.

Go ahead. This may sound harsh but I don’t give a flip what you think about me.

Only what God thinks.

Speaking of feeling spunky check out my wife’s latest post

Can’t keep my nose out of info. GMOs. examples. rat-human in trout, spider in goats, human in corn or rice, mouse-human in potato,fish in tomato, cow-human in

Don’t let it gross you out!

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