Best Cheeseburger in the World

February 7, 2010 at 5:14 pm Leave a comment

Last night, I had, without a doubt, the most delicious cheeseburger man ever concocted. But I paid for it.

It was at the Plaza in Amarillo. Mayim-Hayim always goes there after Shabbat services. At least some of the congregation does.

This thing was huge. It had a patty thick as a brick, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, AVACADOES, choice of mustard or  real mayonnaise (those who know me know what I used), cheese (duh), french fries fried so good it couldn’t have been real healthy, on toasted bun.

It would have been great had it been eaten around noon. Unfortunately, we didn’t get there till after sundown (shabbat you know) and they have great food because they take there sweet time preparing it. While we fill up on chips and salsa.

Anyone ever heard of Paul Nison? He’s a health food guy that we saw in Dallas. Brenda bought a book called “Daylight Diet” by him.  Last night was more proof for his theory.

I was up most of the night with indigestion to beat the band. Brenda wasn’t having too good a time either and she only had some beans and soup. (Archie says the beans are kosher and he should know).

Brenda has to sleep in the living room in a chair when she’s having this problem. We live in a modest 3 bed-room home in Borger. There’s just the 2 of us. All 5 girls are grown and gone and so far we haven’t had to take in any grand kids.

When I woke this morning and praised Yah for returning my soul within me with compassion, I headed for the head. (military term for powder room). When I got back to the bedroom, I figured Brenda, the one I love and adore, was asleep in the living room.

So I turned on the light.  I heard some noise.

I jumped outta my skin.

Brenda, my mate for life, laughed from the bed.

It is a good thing I don’t carry my 28 cal. in my bath robe to the bathroom. I can see the conversation now.

Honest, Officer, I thought she was in the living room.

or the lawyer saying

“Are you really gonna stick with that story?. I think the jury would buy insanity or spousal abuse defense a whole lot quicker.”

Thats the second time this week she’s scared me like that.

She says I jump funny.  And at least I don’t curse.

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