A Rich Man

January 30, 2010 at 5:01 pm Leave a comment

I am a rich, rich man. Do I have millions of dollars in the bank? No. Do I run big corporations? No. Do I have a vast and flourishing stock portfolio? No.

I have all I need.

I have a Loving, Heavenly Father that watches over me. As long as I seek His Torah and love Him back with my whole heart, soul and might I will be a rich man.  As long as I acknowledge that I, as a person, will fail to do this perfectly but He sent His Son to die so that I might live, I will be a rich man.

I have a loving wife, who takes care of me and completes me. I am a rich, rich man.

I have good health. I can function pretty much like I did when I was a  young man.  I know I am using a cane at the present time but I feel that soon it will be gone. I still have good eyesight and only have to use glasses to read, my hearing is excellent.

I am a rich man.

I have a loving family.  I have five daughters that love me that have given Brenda and I grandchildren to love. I am sure one day the daughter that has left will come back.  I have  a Mom, brother and a sister and aunts and uncles and nephews,  nieces (wait a minute, I have only one niece, Sunshine you are VERY special!)  that love me.

I am a rich man.

I live in a free country.  I own enough to meet my needs. I have access to entertainment but more importantly, more than enough access to teachers of the Word of God and more material about said Word than I have time to utilize.

I am a rich man.

I thank the God of  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for it too.

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