LTD Friday Feb 5 2021

(Psa 147:11)  The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.

The Orot Sephardic Weekday Siddur (Hebrew/English prayerbook) adds as a footnote: “… and do not rely upon themselves.”

People are saying if Q is real … why isn’t Trump back in the White House?

Perhaps HaShem wants His children to rely on Him and not D.T.

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Conversation With An Atheist

He actually at one time said he wasn’t an Atheist or non-believer but in a subsequent conversation he revealed atheistic attributes, including there is no afterlife for our souls. He said we all just kind of melt into one big mixture. I said, “Disappear like a drop of water in a pool of water?” He said, “Exactly!”

It was really rather depressing to think about his reasoning.

So I asked him why? What is our purpose? Why are we here? He said to help fellow humans. Well, to tell you the truth, that don’t cut it with me. I mean, I’m goal oriented. I strive to know the end game. To be here to help other people here so we can all disappear in a soup someday is not much of an end game.

He said for “millions and millions” of years men have tried to appease the gods by sacrificing (virgins, time, crops, you-name-it). All Judaism (and Christianity) have done is funneled the many gods to one god. He didn’t have anything against believers, if they needed that crutch.

Well, thank you very much but no thanks.

I reject your simplistic argument that we are just some kind of cosmic accident without a Creator.

I asked him about reward and punishment. He said emphatically there is not reward and punishment. Things just happen no matter what we choose to do.

It’s hard for me to sink to that level of deduction. I mean, choice is really what separates us from other living, breathing beings, isn’t it? Creatures other than us have instinct to do. They have no choice, no free will. Their souls are basic unlike ours. We have a spark from the Creator in us that they do not.

So, Mr. Atheist, I reject your “imagine there is no Heaven or Hell” theory, emphatically! I toss aside this dangerous “that is all there is” philosophy. You don’t want to take responsibility for your choices or actions is the bottom line. You think that not believing in a Higher Being makes you superior to believers, when in actuality your refusal to submit makes you nothing but arrogant and clueless to the reality of this cosmos.

We do have a purpose. We do have a G-d. A Creator that loves us, punishes us, rewards us and is there for us 24/7/365. He watches us like a hawk!

Can I prove that last statement? Only by example of everything that has happened in my life (the only life I truly know).

I’ll finish by stating the argument that really fits. If you’re right, then what have I lost. If I’m right, what have you lost? Because, you see, my friend, we get what we declare. And if you swear that you have no G-d, then He is a gentleman, and you will have no G-d. And you will disappear in a soup at the end.

I, on the other hand, will go on to the next big adventure He has planned for His children.

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Sorry, NOT Sorry

Man (generic term, includes women) was created from the dust of the ground. HaShem (Creator of All) breathed into this dust His Spirit. We didn’t go to the local pharma dude and say,”gimme a Spirit, make it a double”.

We also didn’t say,”I’ll think my dust should be paler than most”.

As a matter of fact, I don’t recall ordering HaShem around before I donned this Earthly suit. No, that attribute came about afterwards and I regret every time I do it.

That being said, it is my belief that no man (or woman, that’s the only two genders, and that’s a fact!) … No man chose his race before getting here.

Therefore, and follow my logic here, no man is responsible for his race. Or to put it more succinctly, no man is liable for the color of his skin.

HaShem made it that way on purpose. (I know , I know, He does EVERYTHING on purpose). His purpose on this particular thing was to teach us that no one is better than another.

Our circumstances may be different but you are not better than I and I am not better than you. It is truly a level playing field.

What we do, the choices we make, the chances we take, the promises we break, the love we seek, the strong, the weak … these are what sets us apart.

So, I am sorry but I am not sorry for being white. I am sorry for a ton of other things I have done in my life but being peach colored ain’t one of them.


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Jacob Esau Edom Egypt

First a few definitions. We are Jacob who became Israel. Esau is our evil twin. Jacob wants to serve his Maker. Esau wants to draw him from that. Edom is Rome which is to say modern western civilization. Egypt is the civilization, the oppressive government against early Israelites, placing them in bondage or slavery. Edom is its counterpart today, to place Israel/Jacob in bondage.

When looking at the Exodus plagues to extract the meaning of today’s situation, one doesn’t have to stretch his imagination greatly to reach parallels of both times.

Each plague can be corresponded to something in the modern world (Edom). For example, the blood plague was a punishment for the infanticide of Israeli babies. What will be the plague for the millions of innocents murdered in abortion mills globally?

Let me clarify, that Edom is Rome but it’s more than Rome. It’s modern western civilization that has abandoned HaShem. The philosophy of the modern Edomite is that fear and belief in an Eternal Creator is ludicrous and sophomoric. They have no use for ancient values that do not serve their fleshly desires. They have little patience for those who hold the values of our ancestors dear and even sacred.

We can focus in on the U.S.A. to illustrate the evolution of such belief. A country that started as a G-d fearing experiment by mostly young idealists that believed that the way to experience His Will was to eliminate the tyranny of forced worship of a man made god. Now, after some 230 years, the experiment has gone awry. Instead of each individual being able to worship His Creator the way they choose, we are forced to either bow to a false god or declare there is no god.

What used to be the majority, that is belief in and reverential fear of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has steadily become the minority.

What used to be the ‘Law of the Land’ is becoming outlawed and soon to be banished.

The same thing happened in Egypt. Jacob’s family was welcomed to Goshen after Joseph miraculously saved the country and brought all known kingdoms under it’s possession. It didn’t take long, about the same length of time – some 200 years – that the Israelites were in bondage to a system akin to today’s Edom.

In desperate need of a Redeemer.

The slow but steady crawl of our freedoms being eroded are so evident.

Pharoah had our ancestors making bricks. Our families have gone from the male provider / female homemaker scenario to both parents working 2 or more jobs just to pay the bills. The children are being raised by the State in public indoctrination centers. Talk about bricks without straw.

It’s interesting that our ancestors in Egypt didn’t go from freedom to slavery overnight. They started in a kind of a partnership with the Egyptian monarchy that turned into full fledged bondage. Kind of like we started out as pioneers in partnership with government building a country and somehow we have wound up serving an elite class of privileged persona in Congress that are not accountable to no one except perhaps whoever pulls their strings behind the curtain, some have called it the “Deep State”.

Is President Trump the Moses of modern times? We shall see. He’s certainly a backlash of the agenda pushed by Edom. Is he delaying the inevitable? Most certainly. We know that the Light of HaShem will grow dim to almost dark before the Redemption through Messiah. We know that the Israelites were at the brink of the 50th level of darkness due to their own sin of assimilation before Moses came. The little known fact that only twenty percent of Israelis left Goshen (80 % lost in the dark) speaks volumes about the power of Yetser Hara (the evil inclination) to draw the human soul from his Maker. One can only guess how many will be lost today. As someone once said,”The phrases “Stairway to Heaven” and”Highway to Hell” shows clearly the traffic flow in each direction. What level are we at today? I would dare say closer to 50 than we are to 40.

The allegory of birthing springs to mind. The closer the birth the faster and closer together the pains come.

(Mat 24:36) “But concerning that day and the hour no one knows, not even the messengers of the heavens, but My Father only.

(Mar 13:32) “But concerning that day and the hour no one knows, not even the messengers in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Each plague has a parallel to modern times. The overall picture is that we can look at the Exodus and the events just prior to it and see that the spirit of Esau and Egypt through Edom are preparing to take over the world, that’s the bad news. The fact that we are smack dab in the throes of Yeshua’s eminent return and we may see the Redemption in our lifetime. That’s the good news.

(Mar 13:30) “Truly, I say to you, this generation shall by no means pass away till all this takes place.

I had a friend take issue with me calling Esau the “evil twin” … listen and watch (watch if you want, but it is a must that you listen to this, if you think that Jacob was the “evil” one. v=_ZTN9YOksW8&t=6s

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On Becoming Connected

My beloved and I get along most stupendously. I don’t say this lightly or in a ‘Evangelical Christian” way, to say something that ain’t so to make it so. We really do get along great. What’s our secret? We both bend, but we don’t break.

We have such different tastes in many, many areas. I love technology. She hates most of it. I couldn’t wait to get my first computer in 1990. She gets all glassy eyed over plants on sale at WallyWorld. I’m thinking of getting the latest and greatest from Apple. She has finally gotten the hang of texting and Pinterest and decided her next cell phone will be similar to a flip phone.

I love movies, T.V., drama, stories, suspense, action and plot. Not her. Just the facts please. She would rather listen to a good teacher about Torah than 100 offerings of the Netflix fare.

Don’t get me wrong. I love good Torah teaching, too. But my entertainment diet has to be watched carefully because the Yetser Hara (the Evil Inclination, a tool of Satan) knows my weakness and exploits it when he can.

And this brings me to the point of this treatise. Since we decided to leave the mainstream and convert to Judaism, we have to work to maintain balance in our lives. Because, if nothing else, Judaism is about balance.

Most of Christianity has this conversion thing so wrong. You don’t just walk down the aisle and ‘accept Jesus in your heart’ and you are ‘Saved’ and your ticket to Heaven is secure. In Judaism, you become righteous/generous and grow toward HaShem (the Creator of the Universe) and by the way, (spoiler alert) nobody goes to Heaven. You’re either going back to Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden) or being eliminated completely. That’s right, according to the Sages of Judaism, there is no ‘permanent’ Hell. Now there is Gehinnom, which is not to pleasant, but it is for tikkun (correction) and never lasts more than a year.

I think now would be a good time to interject my personal belief on the afterlife. Any time someone tells you what is going to happen after you check out of this incarnation, take it with a grain (grain? how about a spoonful) of salt. The obvious reason is because the stairway to Heaven is a one way ride. Now I know that there are people that have had NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and I don’t discount their encounters. But that’s the key, it was THEIR experience, not yours. HaShem, most blessed be He, may have something entirely different in store for you.

So, do NOT, base your actions because someone said they’ve been there and this is the way it is. Base your actions on what the Holy One tells you. Just make sure you know it’s the Holy One, the Ancient of Days.

How do you know it is G-d directing you down a certain path? This is the reason my beloved and I get along so well. We have a relationship. We talk to each other. We know each other.

This is what you must have with the Creator, blessed be He. Read His Word, pray to Him and follow His directions. Now, you don’t have to be Jewish and have a Siddur (Jewish prayer book) to pray to G-d. He created YOU! He loves YOU! He wants to hear from YOU! My advice on reading His Word is that you learn Hebrew if you want to get the correct translation. I know, I know, learning a language is very difficult and Hebrew is really difficult. So if you’re going to continue to read the Bible in your native tongue, here is a rule I have found helpful. If you read something that contradicts or nullifies the Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy) it is most probably mis -translated and needs further research to see what went wrong.

Becoming a Jew for me is a process. I’m still walking it out. I’m definitely a work in progress. But guess what, we all are. The thing is at the end of the day, you need to be able to say … I think I’m a little bit closer to you HaShem, Todah Raba (thank you very very much), because we never are stagnant, we either grow to Him or away from Him.

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I am a servant of the Most High, The Creator of Everything Created. I wake up to serve Him and sleep to wake up to serve Him. If I am doing something for myself, it is ultimately to serve Him the more. I want to serve Him 24/7/365. That is my goal in life.

Some say that that goes too far. That no one can or should “give up his life” that HaShem gave him. That is their opinion, not mine

I do not seek reward for this lifestyle. I know that I will be given my ‘just deserts’ in the end. The thing is the more I seek to serve Him, the more I am rewarded. If not materialistically then spiritually. Or both.

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Thoughts of Living a Long Life

I woke up for the 3rd or 4th time today at about 5:30. I’m getting better at just getting up and not lying there for another 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes or so. I realized later that I got up because today looked to be a great day. When you have hope, it’s easier to throw the legs down and get the torso off the rack.

I plan on living life till HaShem (G-d) takes me off this rock. Next year will mark my 7th decade here. The Word says in Psalms that man is afforded 7 maybe 8 if in strength. Then there’s the quote about 12. (Gen 6:3) And HaShem said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever in his going astray. He is flesh, and his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”

Whatever I’m allotted, I want to make the most of it. If you’ve ever visited a Nursing Home or the like you know what I’m talking about. I don’t know whose at fault for the condition of some of our Senior citizens but they are in bad shape! If I’ve got up to 5 decades left, I dang sure don’t want to end up close to vegetation stage like some I’ve seen.

My beloved was certainly a wise choice for me. That woman is adamant about living healthy. We eat healthy, and eating healthy and kosher is no small feat. We don’t smoke. I used to smoke but she finally convinced me the balance sheet of momentary pleasure benefits versus long term health deficits was no contest. She never smoked. I still drink beer and liquor in moderation. For some reason, she can’t. It just don’t agree with her.

You ought to see how that woman cooks!!! She researches (pinterest, facebook, books, et. al.). She has all kinds of cool gadgets, (go-sun cooker, grinders, mashers, etc.) She fixed me up some squash that looked like green colored spaghetti. Throw some parmesan cheese on top and it is DELICIOUS! Right now she’s on the Keto diet. I’m trying to stay slim and trim to stay off of it. It don’t look like fun.

I’m not in tip top shape and haven’t been since arthritis attacked in ’84 and the cancer in ’07. But the only prescription medication I am on is the daily Thyroid pill and I plan on keeping it that way. Although, I have heard that BSO (black seed oil, sold by Dr. Fitt, ) can help that thyroid. I’ve tried it and it had adverse effects on my colon but I may try it again.

So now we get to the main treatment for against a miserable old age… the brain. Because if you’re brain goes south then you’re toast. I pray every day that I never think that I have achieved all I will achieve in knowledge. Just like the universe the brain is ever expanding. But it won’t expand unless YOU expand it!!! . I am learning Torah (the Bible), Hebrew and computer. I help when and where I can with a local group helping Senior citizen shut-ins.

That’s my plan. I hope you have one too. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Seventy slips up on you like a thief in the night.

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Treatise from My Rabbi About Nazarean Judaism

What Shall We Do?

What Does It Mean To Be A Nazarean Jew?

By Hakham Dr. Yosef ben Haggai

One of the unknown correlations between the festival of Shavuot and the events that transpired in 2 Luqas (Acts) Chapter 2, is an obscure but pivotal bridge Torah passage which many seem to miss or even discount. However, in this Shiur, I shall point to the tremendous underpinnings that 2 Luqas Chapter has upon this particular Torah text, as well as being one of the main themes projected through page after page in the Nazarean Codicil. Let us for a moment systematically describe the events that lead to the account of 2 Luqas Chapter 2, the events that took place, and the outcomes of that event. In doing so, I remind all to understand that this approach is of a necessity a Judaic one and viewed from an entirely Hebraic rabbinical perspective.

The reason for the event: Just before the ascension of His Majesty King Yeshua Ha-Mashiach to the Heavens (2 Luqas 1:9-11), His Majesty the Master Hakham commands his Talmidim Hakham (Rabbinical Students) to:

2 Luqas (Acts) 1:4-5 And being synagogued with him, he commanded them from Yerushalayim not to depart, but to await the promise of the Father, which you heard of me. For Yochanan indeed immersed you with water, but you will be immersed with the spirit of Holiness not after many days.

Now, if I have trained diligently and thoroughly a group of Talmidim Hakham (Rabbinical Students) and I am about to depart for a long, long time, what would be expected of me? Of course, Smikha (Rabbinical Ordination)! So from a strictly logical perspective we would expect that this immersion in the spirit of Holiness would be equivalent to a Rabbinical Ordination.

Now, if my calculations do not fail this was said on or very close to Lag B’Omer which we celebrated not many days ago. Thus the expression “not after many days” (2 Luqas 1:5) indeed would have been understood clearly as a Gemara hint pointing to the coming festival of Shavuot. Therefore, a connection is established between Smikha (Rabbinical Ordination) and the festival of Shavuot.

Now the Talmidim (Rabbinical students) interject, Master, we have been your faithful Rabbinical students but please tells us before you leave “will you as Mashiach restore again self-rule to Bne Israel?” (2 Luqas 1:6) The question hints also at “What will be our place as Hakhamim in the Messianic Kingdom that you are about to establish now?”

The answer from the Master Hakham is swift to his Talmidim Hakham –

2 Luqas (Acts) 1:7 And he said to them, not yours it is to know the duration of time or ages which the father placed in his own authority.

This reminds us of the Torah text “The secret things belong HaShem, our G-d” (Devarim 29:28). In other words the kingdom certainly will be restored to Israel. When? That is none of your business. As Hakhamim you will bring this process about by teaching Torah (Matityahu 28:19-20) and by establishing reputable courts of Torah justice, Batei Din (Matityahu 6:33) throughout all the world. This is important since from these two passages we understand what the office of a Rabbi (Hakham) is, not a Pastor, not a Priest, but a Torah Scholar and a Judge.

After this brief interruption of what the Master Hakham was saying. The Master Hakham continues explaining:

2 Luqas (Acts) 1:8 but you will receive power, having come the spirit of Holiness upon you, and you will be to me witnesses both in Yerushalayim and in all Judaea and Samaria and to uttermost part of the earth.

Now instead of your ruling the world as the Gentiles do by the power of the gun, or by political power, you will rule the earth through both a didactic and judiciary program starting in Yerushalayim. But first you will need to receive power from the spirit of Holiness. Now, question: Do we have a precedent in the Tanach where a Prophet shares of the spirit by which he was anointed as a confirmation of Smikha (Rabbinical ordination)?

The Pivotal Torah Passage

I propose that undergirding this brief introduction in 2 Luqas Chapter 1 and the whole of Chapter 2, is none other than Bamidbar 11:24-30. In this portion we read about the Smikha (ordination) of the seventy Elders (the Hebrew word Elder always denote the modern term Hakham) and how the spirit that had been imparted on Moshe Rabbeinu was caused to emanate from him and be bestowed upon the Seventy Hakhamim (a whole Sanhedrin).

Let us look and compare some of the phrases used in this passage and those used in 2 Luqas, Chapter 2.

a) The miracle of HaShem‘s presence.

Bamidbar 11:25 – HaShem descends in the cloud and it envelops Moshe Rabbeinu and the seventy Elders.

2 Acts 2:2 – a sound from heaven like as a rushing mighty wind envelops the Temple.

On this pasuk (verse) from the Torah Hakham Samson Raphael Hirsch comments: “and HaShem descended … and spoke with him” The text does not tell us the words that HaShem uttered to Moshe on this occasion. Was this omission, perhaps intended to make clear to all further Sanhedrins that not everything that HaShem said to Moshe is recorded in Scripture? Was this meant to remind them that the field of competence for which they had been appointed at that moment was the Oral Law, that Word of HaShem which was to remain unwritten, handed down only by word of mouth?

b) The Emanation of the spirit from one Hakham to many.

Bamidbar (Numbers) 11:25 He caused the spirit that had been imparted on Moshe to emanate, and He (HaShem) bestowed it upon the seventy Elders.

2 Luqas (Acts) 2:3 And appeared to them divided tongues of as fire, and sat upon each one of them

Now there may well be a connection here with the beginning of Parasha Beha’alotekha[1] concerning the lighting of the Menorah and the tongue of fire coming out of each candlestick. But also the connection here of the spirit emanating from Moshe towards the seventy elders, contrasted with the spirit that was in Mashiach emanating from the heavens, now towards his Talmidim Hakham.

c) The Result

Bamidbar 11:25 – When the spirit rested on them (the 70 Elders) they began (Hebrew: YITNABEU – “were made” or “were impelled”) to prophesy without ceasing.

2 Luqas (Acts) 2:4 And they were all filled with the spirit of Holiness and began to speak with other languages as the as the spirit gave them to utter forth.

Now it is important to note that one of the requirements according to Chazal, our Sages, of members of the Sanhedrin was the ability to speak not only in Ivrit, but also in several other languages of the seventy Gentile Nations. This point again reconfirms that the major theme of this event at the Beit HaMikdash (the Temple) was a Smikha, and with this Mashiach indicating to the people of Israel that the legal authority amongst the Jewish people was to be transferred from the Kohanim (Priests) to the Rabbinate until his return.

What other important theme also undergirds this event at the Temple? The clue to this most important question is given to us in Bamidbar (Numbers) 11:29:

“I only wish that all of HaShem‘s people would have the gift of prophecy! Let HaShem grant His spirit to them all!”

In other words, that the pedagogic objective of the miracle at the Temple, by which the Talmidim of His Majesty King Yeshua HaMashiach received Smikha indicated that the goal of every Nazarean should be to be indentured under a Hakham, become a Talmid Hakham and at some point become Hakhamim themselves. Look at this statement of Hakham Shaul:

“Faithful is the Torah, if any stretches forward (makes sacrifice and studies) to attain overseership (the Rabbinate) a good work he is desirous.”

Now, this is evidence enough that what Hakham Shaul is alluding with the phrase “if any stretches forward” is an echo of Moshe’s words “would G-d that all of HaShem‘s people were prophets.” That is, the intention here is that every man ought to keep stretching forward towards the goal of receiving Smikha.

A further piece of evidence leading to this conclusion are the words of Hakham Yochanan as recorded in:

1 Yochanan (John) 3:1 “See what Ahavah (steadfast love) has given to us the Father that Bne Elohim we should be called.”

Now, again the phrase “Bne Elohim” has been literally translated as “Children of G-d,” but the title of a Hakham is also “Ben Elohim” (son of G-d to indicate his role as a Judge), a title which is also given by G-d to Melech David and to His Majesty King Yeshua HaMashiach as Chief of all Hakhamim. Thus the above pasuk states that Ha-Shem, Most blessed be He, has given to us so much Ahavah that he calls and expects every Nazarean Jew to become a Hakham a genuine Ben Elohim.

And after this Event They Started a Church, Nu?

Good question, Christians teach so, but we know that the church started at Sinai (Acts 7:38). So what did the Nazareans start, a new religion, a new denomination, or what? In 2 Luqas 3:41 we read that by the end of Shavuot that year at the Temple 3,000 male Jews and Converts were added. But the question still remains added to what?

Again we have many hints in 1 Luqas 2:42, which when carefully read, more aptly describes a Yeshiva to train future Hakhamim than it does a Church, a new religion, or a new Jewish denomination. Yes 3,000 Jews that day decided to drastically turn their lives around and matriculate in that Great Nazarean Yeshiva using as their classrooms the various courts within the Temple grounds.


In summary, Shavuot is not only a festival by which we receive the Torah afresh from HaShem, Most Blessed be He, but also a festival that reminds us year by year what should be our goal in life, to sit at the feet a genuine Jewish Rabbi (Hakham) a Torah Scholar like Gamaliel[2], and work hard, stretching ourselves towards receiving Smikha[3] and becoming Hakhamim.[4] Truly then we shall gradually see the fulfillment of the words of the prophet Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah), “They will no longer teach each man his fellow, each man his brother saying, ‘Know HaShem!’ For all of them will know Me, from their smallest to their greatest, the Word of HaShem, when I will forgive their lawlessness and will no longer recall their sin”.[5]

[1] Bamidbar 8:1ff.

[2] II Luqas(Acts) 22:3

[3] Smikha (Hebrew: סמיכה‎, “leaning [of the hands]”), also semichut (Hebrew: סמיכות‎, “ordination”), or semicha lerabbanut (Hebrew: סמיכה לרבנות‎, “rabbinical ordination”) is derived from a Hebrew word which means to “rely on” or “to be authorized”. It generally refers to the ordination of a rabbi within Judaism. In this sense it is the “transmission” of rabbinic authority to give advice or judgment in Jewish law. Although presently most functioning synagogue rabbis hold Smikha by some rabbinical institution or academy, this was until quite recently not always required, and in fact many Haredi rabbis may not be required to hold a “formal” Smikha even though they may occupy important rabbinical and leadership positions.

[4] Hakhamim (plural of Hakham) is the title Sephardim give to their Rabbis.

[5] Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 31:33

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Love will keep us Together or Tear Us Apart

Love is Blind (to Truth)

It baffles the tar out of me that ANYONE would be a Democrat these days. Or a Muslim. Or a Socialist. Are these people nuts? What kind of insanity justifies their thinking?


They love their belief. So much so they overlook, turn a deaf ear, ignore any logical explanation of why they are … as I heard someone once say,”Lost as a goose in a snowstorm”.

How do I know this?

cue the Beatles … “because I’ve been in love before and I know that love is more … than just holding hands”

When a soul latches on to something he/she/it believes in and they know in their knower … it’s hard to shake. When something happens to someone and it rings true down deep, convincing them otherwise is nigh near impossible. True or not, doesn’t matter. If they BELIEVE it true, to them TRUE it is. No amount of argument, statistics or even facts will sway them.

It reminds me of a young one that won’t hear anything bad about their future mate.

cue Percy Sledge … When a Man Love’s a Woman

Liberals, for the most part, are in love with their fellow man. They want equality for all and willing to give all to get it. Liberal politicians know this and exploit it to the max.

This is why the “swamp” we call Congress is so corrupt.

Conservatives, for the most part, are in love with earning and fair play. They are not against charity but know that it can be abused. Conservative politicians also exploit this to the max.

This is why the “swamp” we call Congress is so corrupt.

What’s the answer? Well, barring Yeshua returning and setting us all straight, I gotta say I don’t know.

I just think I see the problem.

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Why Am I Jewish?

When I was older, I remember church. I was fascinated by the Preacher. Not a certain Preacher, but any Preacher. The sermons grabbed me. I tried to memorize what they were saying. It seemed so important.

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